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5 Features That Make It To The List Of Top PPC Changes Of The Year 2022


Isn’t it amazing how fast the year is going? With so many changes in the advertising world, time goes by quickly. The year 2022 will be remembered for both good and bad changes to Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, as well as for new features on channels that are just starting out.

Now that advertisers can use more PPC marketing, it’s hard to keep up with all the changes! So, digital clinch made a list of the best new PPC features and developments for 2022, taking into account as many PPC platforms and types of campaigns as possible.

  1. No more expanded text ads on Google Search Ads: While other platforms keep adding new formats and options, Google keeps slowly taking away options for search ads. Google stopped using Expanded Text Ads on June 30, 2022, even though they said they would be back in 2021. Responsive search ads are now the main type of search ads.

Why does this matter so much?

Lack of control was a huge problem for advertisers, especially in regulated industries where all copies needed legal approval. A lot of advertisers also saw that their ETAs did better than their RSAs.

  1. Ads on YouTube – Sound is the main event: Google said that audio Google ads will be available to all advertisers in October 2022, which means they are no longer in beta testing. This is a huge win for advertisers who want to find new ways to reach their target audience based on how they use YouTube. People who listen to music on YouTube are the ones who get audio Google ads. Marketers would want to use audio ads instead of video ads for people who listen to music on YouTube, since those people probably aren’t watching what’s on their screen.
  2. AI-powered ads are coming to Instagram. Some of the most interesting PPC marketing features of Instagram are made possible by new ad formats. Instagram made a new ad that uses AI and is called “multi-advertiser ads” because it shows ads from more than one company. This ad format will show ads from different businesses based on how a user interacts with the app and how they use it. Even though it’s not necessarily an ad format that marketers can set up, this AI-powered format takes your existing ads and uses its algorithm to put your brand in front of shoppers who are in the market.
  3. With the WooCommerce extension, product pins on Pinterest can be bought: Shoppable Pins have been around since 2022, but a new feature added in July 2022 made it much easier for businesses to make ads. In fact, there are more than 3 million of them. The Pinterest for WooCommerce extension just makes it easier to set up your products for sale on Pinterest. 

So, how does this PPC marketing works? With this new extension, all of your products will be shown in the shoppable product pin format on Pinterest. The catalog listings are automatically put on Pinterest, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Better Campaign Manager Interface for LinkedIn Ads: Even though LinkedIn has added new ad formats and targeting options, its new Campaign Manager interface is the most important change. LinkedIn heard how hard it was for other marketers to manage campaigns and report on how well they were doing. The new interface has navigation on the left side, just like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. The second biggest change to the interface is that it is now much easier to switch between multiple accounts.


2022 was an interesting year for Google Search! What does this mean for PPC going forward? There will be just as many changes to PPC platforms in 2023, some for the better and some for the worse. Digital Clinch will keep adjusting the PPC marketing strategies throughout the year so that your business gets the best return on investment (ROI). Contact us to use our expert PPC services to get the best return on your investment.

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