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Instagram faces millions of complaints after the latest update from around the world

In the first week of April, Instagram suffered a lot of complaints regarding the inefficient working of the application from around the world, including India. Most of the users complained that the app wasn’t working smoothly and was crashing again and again. Instagram is a very important part of social media marketing and any problem with the application affects brand performance a lot. People using the Instagram application and the website were facing a similar problem. Most people complained that the crushing started just after the new Instagram update.

Twitter was flooded with such tweets, and people from around the world in solidarity were complaining regarding the application. The new Instagram update has made many changes regarding real sharing options and sending requests. People using Android phones, in particular, have been complaining about the disturbed application interface. Instagram has not released any official statement but has assured the public to fix the problem immediately. People will be able to resume their social media accounts very soon and influencers and other businesses will be able to perform social media marketing practices as well.

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